What is DreamHub?

DreamHub is a coworking space based in Jakarta, Indonesia that focuses on educational experiences, inspiring shared office spaces, convient virtual offices and fully equipped private offices. At DreamHub we offer a dynamic community for people and business to grow together. It’s not just a place to work but rather a movement of innovation.

Our Mission

“ Create a community that supports collaboration, innovation and accomplishments”

Our Story

When we started DreamHub in 2018, we realized that there was a huge problem in the coworking spaces in Indonesia. Most of these available coworking spaces we just beautiful shared offices but none of them were focused on building a community where people could actually work together.

We were confused because why would anyone go to a coworking space if they would just end up doing their own work and sit quietly while there are so many people surrounding them with great ideas.  So we wanted to create a community where individuals can work together to bounce ideas of one another, inspire one another, and create a sense of belonging where one’s successes becomes our successes. We want to create a positive community and here at DreamHub we are in this together.

Meet Our Team